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October 8, 2014by Jodie Wallace

Have you listened to your soul lately? I mean, really, truly tuned in and heard what it is yearning for in your life? I have a theory that the whole purpose of living is to fulfill your soul, and so I find it crucial to check in with myself often to make sure I’m on the right track. Go ahead, lean in. Can you hear it?

Your soul needs inspiration and creativity on a regular basis. The more you get, the more you grow as a person and toward your purpose. It’s a never ending resource we can tap whenever we feel the urge. Not sure how? I’ve compiled this quick list of tips and tricks to not only light up your soul, but to invite the creative muses in to nest.

1) Stimulate Inspiration — use your senses to open up your eyes as well as your world. Play a certain song to change your mood. Take a walk in nature and take in all the colors. Find a lake or a stream, and metaphorically drink up the gifts of the Earth.

2) Be A Child Again — draw what you feel in your soul and find out what it has to say. Color what is coming up for you.

3) Meditate — as little as 5 minutes a day can replenish the spirit. Ask a higher power to give you visions around creativity.

4) Stay In the Moment — be here. Now.

5) Envision — visualize how you’ll look, feel, think about what you wish to be doing from start to finish.

6) Remove Limited Beliefs — so you aren’t Picasso, so what? You can still access your inner child and create amazing masterpieces of your very own be they paintings, clothing, or a simple table setting.

7) Access the Flow — Eliminate those shoulds and be spontaneous. Let go of the map and get lost for a bit. Who knows what you’ll find?

8) Get Moving — Go to an art show, a concert, or watch a cooking show. Inspiration is everywhere. Grab it.

9) Enjoy the Process — don’t doubt your soul as it’s a powerful guide. Let it lead you.

Try a few of these things out and let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love to know how creativity is showing up in your life. Need support? Call me for just that plus tips, resources, and exercises that will soothe your soul and unleash your creativity.

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