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After the fireworks decorated the skies and the confetti sprinkled on the ground many of us lifted up goals and dreams for our life in the New Year. As we end the month of March, reflect back on the first few months of the year- how have your goals developed? What do you want to...

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Anchoring your goals, also known as grounding, is an NLP (Nero Linguistic Process) resource that will help move them forward and become a reality for you. Anchoring is a useful NLP technique for inducing a certain frame of mind or emotion, such as happiness or relaxation. It usually involves a touch, gesture or word as...


I see it at various times throughout the year, but right now it’s hitting people harder than usual. Do you find that as we move closer to the end of the year, the goals that once had such luster are now lacking? You might be asking “What’s my motivation, Jodie?” while throwing your hands up...