Vision Board Workshops

Vision Board Workshop

Envision your Journey & Purpose

Firstly, through discovery, direction and decision; 3D Perspectives, LLC Vision Board Workshop can provide guidance in your journey towards reaching your full potential. As a result, the 3D vision board process will provide alignment towards your authentic purpose.

Secondly, explore, navigate and experience your journey through self-discovery and purpose with assessments, learning and interactive exercises.  After completing the workshop, you will become congruent in your mind, ego, heart and spirit. This will be represented on your personal vision board.

In part two, your vision is anchored with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and manifests in your life.

Vision Board Workshop participants

Many people say they want a better life. However, until you know what that means to you, it’s unlikely you’ll know it when you see it. A vision board can support you in envisioning what your better life can look like. It brings clarity to your general desire and turns it into an achievable goal. To further illustrate, keep reading the points below.

  • Create your life purpose.
  • Manifest and realize your goals and dreams using the NLP model.
  • Identify your vision and give it clarity.
  • Learn to identify your criteria, values, needs and resources and create a life you love.
  • Transition into your new normal with passion and purpose.
  • Set meaningful goals that work in business and life.
  • Learn to create a vision board that aligns your mind, heart, ego and soul – one that actually works.

It’s time to start accomplishing what you were created to do. Book your workshop date now! Call Coach Jodie at 972-898-6294.

Vision Board Workshops

Rev up your year with focused goals and vision clearly in mind. It’s time to start accomplishing what you were created to be and do.

Vision Board Workshops can still be scheduled for those that missed the opportunity to attend our highly successful workshops earlier this year and are now serious about living your potential and authentic purpose!


Book your Vision Board Workshop ONLINE NOW! Or contact Coach Jodie at 972-898-6294 or email: [email protected]

Your 2023 ZOOM Vision Board Workshop WORKBOOK will be emailed to you as a PDF when you register and pay for your workshop. A hardcopy workbook will be provided to Attendees the day of the In-person Workshop.

Also available: Private Vision Board Workshops for groups or businesses. Schedule NOW for $179.00US per person! Call Jodie for more information @ (972) 898-6294

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Clients Love the Vision Board Workshop!

Jodie is an awesome personal and professional coach. She brings enthusiasm, passion and professionalism to each session. She uses a painless process to assist clients in clarifying personal and professional goals and has an arsenal of tools, including Neuro Linguistic Programing, to help clients shatter the obstacles that stand in the way of their success. Jodie’s annual Vision Board sessions are a must! It’s not just cutting pictures out of a magazine. She facilitates multiple group sessions, where she takes the participants through a unique workbook of exercises that assist in understanding values and priorities for the coming year. I highly recommend Jodie and 3D Perspectives!”
–Anna Popp

I anchored my 2021 Vision Board today and had a fantastic experience. I am always impressed with Jodie’s insights and guidance in helping me clarify what is deeply important to me. True commitment to the process brings excitement, joy and enthusiasm for the year ahead! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your goals come true.”
– Kim Pence

I just finished my anchoring session with Coach Jodie. What an amazing and eye-opening experience! It’s a game changer for my internal and external perception of life, career and personal growth. This is the best “me” gift I have given to myself. Thank you Coach Jodie!”
– Tamara Johnson

Allison Brehme
When I think of a vision board, I think of a wish list. I have worked with Jodie one-on-one, and I know her techniques are in-depth, so I did her vision board workshop. I’m happy I did because now I feel like my mindset and motivation align with my goals. Attention to detail is critical in creating vision boards and Jodie does a fantastic job teaching you how to stay true to yourself throughout the process. I highly recommend this workshop!”
–Alison Brehme

Michelle Matie
My vision board is 99% complete. My son, Chris, completed his board and my two other kids, Alex and Jackie, do their very first session today! Now let the Universe take over! It feels like such an accomplishment when you complete your board and it provides such clarity.”
–Michelle Matie

Katie Spletter
I had my vision board anchoring session the other day and it was a very positive and unique experience. Jodie really helped me organize my thoughts, narrow down my needs, and create a strategy to navigate and manage my goals for this year. I look forward to my next session with her, and I’m excited for what this new year will bring!”
–Katie Spletter