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I use a number of techniques to empower you into a life of purpose, vision, passion and integrity. As an experienced coach and a certified master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I am here to provide you with life-changing coaching, learning and support from a distinctively spiritual perspective. My coaching style centers around the 3 D’s: Discovery, Direction and Decision.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is a way of thinking and a set of skills that are easy to understand. These skills give you more focus, greater self-esteem, power to make good decisions, focus, direction, self-confidence, the ability to create wealth, greater productivity and faster progress. Learn More

Vision Boards

Vision Board workshops guide you in determining your values and needs and creating a foundation that is authentic for you. The values that are congruent for your mind, ego, heart and soul go on your vision board. This vision is anchored with NLP and manifests in your life. Learn More

Remapping/Emotional Freedom Technique

This simple, effective and customized treatment gets to the point, and within a very short time, anxiety, fear and stress about a situation minimize. You can then move toward your goals and vision without being blocked by the past. Learn More

Spiritual Growth – Grounding & Coaching

God is calling all of us into his likeness. The most profound journey of the human spirit is the yearning for our completeness in the image of Christ. Each one of us is unique in how the Holy Spirit guides our personal journey.  Learn More


To transform your outer circumstances, a change must first occur from within. But inner change can be one of the most challenging tasks for human beings. This is where coaching comes in. My purpose as your coach is to inspire and support you in making internal and external choices so you can move toward your highest goals and visions. Learn More

Life & Personal Coaching

Life coaching supports you in bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It supports you in rising to any challenge and going further than you ever thought possible. It raises your awareness and encourages you to take responsibility for your life. Learn More

Business, Management & Entrepreneurial Coaching

Business and management coaching provide positive support, feedback and consulting to an individual or group to improve effectiveness in a business setting. The result is that you and your business are always growing and performing at the highest level. Learn More

Career Coaching

Whether you’re looking for a complete career transformation, a new job or you love your job but want to attract greater opportunities, career coaching can support you in making the move. Partnering with a coach supports you in clarifying your wants and needs, creating a plan and taking action on the changes that lead to career and personal satisfaction. Learn More

“Coaching has helped me identify how I can work to obtain what I want and need to make my life more fulfilling. Through coaching I’ve learned how to bring about change to become more aware and confident in myself. Coaching is a great asset in career development but has also helped enrich my personal life.”

– Donna Breggs

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