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Essential Oils

As an aid to the coaching process, I often recommend essential oils to calm the subconscious mind and allow quicker healing and growth. My recommendations are tailored to your unique profile. Here is a small example of available oil combinations:

  • Grounding – used to ground clarity, balance, spiritual awareness, goals and vision.
  • Valor – empowering blend that promotes feelings of strength, courage, self-esteem. Replaces negative feelings with uplifting thoughts.
  • Lavender – this most versatile of essential oils promotes calm in the mind and body. Great for relaxation; promotes sleep.
  • Abundance – a great oil to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.
  • Magnify Purpose – stimulates desire, focus and motivation, encourages you to seize the initiative.
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Young Living Purity

I recommend only Young Living essential oils because the company uses the utmost integrity during growing and production.

  • The oils are extracted from plants grown on their own farms without chemical pesticides or herbicides.
  • They do in-house and third-party testing for purity.
  • They only use the first distillation of the oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant.

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