Weight Reduction Hypnosis by Jodie Wallace in Plano TX

February 19, 2016by Jodie Wallace

The New Year has come and gone and your resolutions have likely said goodbye as well. You may have already returned to old habits and are stuck in behaviors you’d rather let go of forever. It’s not too late (it’s never too late!) and now is your chance to create the life you really want to live.

Are you longing for more energy, a higher self-image, or to drop more than a couple pounds? Are you ready to release negative behaviors that sabotage your success once and for all and live authentically instead? I have a great tool in my toolkit to help you achieve all those things and more. Hypnosis.

What is hypnosis exactly? It’s a protocol and tool that will move you towards a healthy and fulfilled life.

Hypnosis is not sleep or a state of unconsciousness, but rather a state of being fully awake and relaxed. It’s not being gullible or weak-minded — it’s exercise for the mind and a rapport with the unconscious. It’s the ultimate display of control.

There are so many wonderful things hypnosis can aid in. You can gain self confidence, lose weight, enhance creativity and stop procrastinating. You can improve time management, overcome the fear of public speaking and remove the scarcity mindset. What’s more, you can increase your commitment to a variety of things and increase motivation toward your goals. It’s a tool I return to again and again because the results are simply amazing.

If you are interested, or simply have questions, contact me at 972-578-4746 and we’ll discuss how this powerful technique can change your life once and for all. I’m offering free consultations to see if hypnosis is a good fit for you. Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself today? Call me and we’ll find out together.