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To transform your outer circumstances, a change must first occur from within. But inner change can be one of the most challenging tasks for human beings. This is where coaching comes in. My job as a business life NLP coach is to inspire and support you in making internal and external choices so you can move toward your highest goals and visions.

Support to Move to the Next Step

Your coaching session is an interactive process that is all about you. I ask questions. You talk. I listen for your highest values, principles and beliefs, and you line up your goals with what is most important to you. I look at the big picture, offer assessments if needed, assist you in coming up with plans and guide you past the blocks to achieving your heart’s desire. I’m there with you every step of the way, supporting, affirming and keeping your vision fresh so you can go beyond your normal limits.

A business life NLP coach is not a therapist, counselor, psychotherapist or psychologist. A coach offers individualized developmental activities that guide you toward your goals and vision. We work in three stages: Discovery, Direction and Decision.

Discovery: Clarify Your Vision

The first stage in coaching is to identify your highest values, principles and beliefs. This is the process of unearthing your authentic self. It sounds easy, but often wants and needs are buried under “would s’,” “could’ s” and “should’ s” that keep us from acknowledging our true goals and desires. Your coaching session is a safe, nonjudgmental place for you to explore and discover who you are and what you really want in life.

We work with a variety of tools and assessments so you can see your life as it is, recognize what is missing and identify strengths you can leverage. Coaching is a powerful yet gentle process of moving from one way of seeing the world to another, and through that change, creating the life you want.

Direction: Overcoming the Hurdles

After your vision and goals are clear, you need a new set of resources to move forward into this new life. The more resources you have, the greater your likelihood of success. I teach or administer a number of tools and processes that you can integrate into your daily life. You can call on these every day to keep your new beliefs and behaviors in place.

Decision: Choose the Life You Love!

Decision comes from clarifying your goals and determining your direction. Yet any major decision needs support to keep it in place. It’s like physical fitness. You decide to get fit, and working with a trainer over time, you keep your momentum and continue to improve.

In much the same way, the support element of the coaching process maintains your new life and continues moving you forward. I’m here and available, advocating for you, empowering you, encouraging you to push through obstacles, and celebrating your successes.

Life & Personal Coaching

Life coaching supports you in bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It supports you in rising to any challenge and going further than you ever thought possible. It raises your awareness and encourages you to take responsibility for your life. Learn More

Business, Management & Entrepreneurial Coaching

Business and management coaching provide positive support, feedback, and consulting to an individual or group to improve effectiveness in a business setting. The result is that you and your business are always growing and performing at the highest level. Learn More

Career Coaching

Whether you’re looking for a complete career transformation, a new job or you love your job but want to attract greater opportunities, career coaching can support you in making the move. Partnering with a coach supports you in clarifying your wants and needs, creating a plan, and taking action on the changes that lead to career and personal satisfaction. Learn More

Spiritual Growth – Grounding & Coaching

God is calling all of us into his likeness. The most profound journey of the human spirit is the yearning for our completeness in the image of Christ. Each one of us is unique in how the Holy Spirit guides our personal journey.  Learn More

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