Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Growth – Grounding & Coaching

The most profound journey of the human spirit is a yearning for completeness in the image of Christ. God is calling all of us into his likeness, and each one of us is unique in how the Holy Spirit guides our personal journey & spiritual direction. It is an ongoing process that happens over time throughout your life.

Order of Saint Luke logoI am a Christian Catholic and a member of the Order of Saint Luke, an interdenominational religious order dedicated to Christian healing through Jesus Christ. The order exists to empower God’s people with Jesus’ healing emotionally and physically to become whole.

With tools I provide, you discern your spiritual direction. You get clarity as to the direction God is calling you, make decisions about how to respond and discover new ways to connect with God.

  • Say yes to God!
  • Achieve completeness in Christ.
  • Get support through your spiritual journey.
  • Prayer for healing through the Holy Spirit.

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Text from Ephesians 413