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By recognizing unhealthy patterns of thinking

and updating them to create positive results,

you can turn your goals into accomplishments.

Here is the truth!

Many people feel powerless to change their current situation (perspective) in life. With the 3D Perspectives coaching program, as a master NLP Practitioner, life & business coach, I help give back your power to lead a more fulfilling life.

You’ll have the confidence to transcend towards your true identity (purpose). Through personal life, business and NLP coaching, I help you identify and release beliefs that prevent you from being your authentic self. 

Find yourself, your true passion in life, and the courage to pursue it. Schedule a complimentary discover coaching session with me. Remember… change your perspective, change your life. Contact Us

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Live Your Best Life

I’m glad you’re here! You’ve taken the first step toward positive change in your life. I’m Jodie Wallace, and I’m a life and business coach and a certified master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.

In the 20 years I’ve been coaching people like you, the changes I’ve seen in people’s lives are nothing short of miraculous. People who coach with me get real results in their lives.

I use various tools to help you move past what stops you – NLP being one of the most important. NLP is a gentle approach to problem-solving that helps you establish a system of empowering beliefs, and those new beliefs lead you to your very best life.

Envision your journey and purpose through the 3-D Perspectives, LLC Vision Board Workshops. It’s time to start accomplishing what you were created to be and do. RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY! Click Here to learn more.