Public Speaking

Jodie’s public speaking engagements has reached thousands about achieving success and finding their best life.

For more than eight years, Jodie hosted and co-produced her own North Dallas Local Access television show, “Speaking Women to Women.” Jodie and her guests reached up to 40,000 viewers each month, empowering them on leadership, business and life coaching, career development, volunteerism, education and life skills.

Choose a Topic That Fits Your Group
  • Vision Board Workshop: Visualize Your Goals with Clear Focus and Creativity
  • Stronger Together: The Courage to Empower One Another and Self with Grace and Authenticity
  • Conflict Dynamics: Understanding External and Internal Conflict Resolution
  • A New Perspective on Relationships in Business, the Workplace, Life, and Leadership
  • Effective Communication Skills: How to Develop Instant Rapport and Develop Stronger Language Skills
  • Goal Setting Vs. Life Change: Understanding Goals Vs. Beliefs
  • What Is Your Personal Mission and Vision Statement? There Is a Difference: Living Your Passion
  • Mission Statement | Vision Workshop for Companies and Management Teams
  • Release, Reclaim, Recreate Your Life: Preview of NLP and Coaching Model
  • Beat the Clock: Conquer Time management in No Time
Total Success Programs Create Change

Sometimes a workshop format is called for. This is where Total Success Programs come in. Groups of all kinds benefit from this more relaxed, casual format. Whether you want to create a shared vision or learn how to better communicate as an organization, Total Success Programs create an environment to improve yourself and your organization dynamics.

  • Small- to medium-sized companies
  • Outplacement firms
  • Business clubs
  • Corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Sales conventions
  • Women’s clubs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Incentive programs
  • Spouse participation programs
  • Networking groups
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Love, Life, Health & Wealth

with Alexandra & Friends 660 AM

Jodie is honored to return as a guest co-host monthly for Alexandra & Friends on 660AM radio. Special thanks to Alexandra Fincher & Courtney Hathcock for the opportunity. The show will air Saturday, May 7th at 10:00 PM. Check back here for the link. The station’s motto is “Love, Life, Health & Wealth.” Learn more

I wanted to thank Jodie Wallace for being guest speaker for our webinar on March 17 at Legend of McKinney. I called Jodie, asked for her help and she agreed without hesitation. She spoke at two webinars on the same day.

The webinar was very interesting and she held everyone’s attention to the end.

Jodie has years of experience as an encourager and life coach. She is passionate about helping others and supporting people in meeting goals and having a better life.

I am looking forward to working more with Jodi and completing my own vision board.

– Joni Ryan, Sales Director, Legend of McKinney

Jodie was a keynote speaker for our first Professional Women’s Network call of the year. The material was excellent, and a perfect way to take a good look at goals for the year. Most people just focus on their company goals but forget about the personal goals that we need to set for other parts of our lives. She teaches you how to give attention to the areas of your life that need it the most. Something she said really resonated with me, she said when you say YES to something, you say NO to something else. I have taken that to heart and am being more mindful about what I say yes to now. I have personally had Jodie as a coach for the last four years and I was thrilled to share her knowledge and expertise with the women at my company.

– Chris Ponder, Creative Business Development, Trammell Crow Company

I would like to recommend Jodie Wallace for speaking engagements and/or personal development. She spoke to the Plano Metro Rotary where she educated our members about how to Live our Best Lives ever! Jodie is an exceptional life and business coach. She is smart, creative and community-minded. I look forward to participating in future vision board workshops under her direction and highly recommend it to others.

– Amy Medford, Group Marketing Manager, JLL

#Kudos You did a #GreatJob Thank you for a thought provoking, inspiring session with our entire team! I’d like to think we all walked away having learned something about ourselves as individuals as well as how we work together as a team. #thankyou

Kelly Boyer, MBA
Manager, Engagement Marketing at Frontier Communications