Time Management Workshops

Conquer Time Management

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, late for appointments or getting things done? Are you procrastinating or not following through on your commitments? Does much of life seem to control you instead of the opposite? Do you hear yourself say something like this?

  • “I’ll do it tomorrow, next month or next year.”
  • “Soon” or “someday.”
  • “I’m stuck and can’t seem to move forward?”
  • “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m not accomplishing tasks or succeeding.”

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Simple Tools for a More Successful Life

Time management doesn’t have to be complicated. It can start with a few basic skills. Here are some of the amazing takeaways you receive:

  • A take-home workbook of templates, worksheets and self-assessments.
  • Simple strategies for time-blocking and improving organizational skills.
  • Prioritization schedules based on level of importance.
  • Improved decision-making skills and increased confidence.
  • Techniques to remove the fear of failure
  • The ability to set boundaries and say no to non-essential tasks.
  • Real results: achievement of goals, increased self-esteem and more personal time for you and your family.

“A great workshop on time management. I needed this to understand what I was missing to better manage time. All the tools Coach Jodie provided are excellent. Thank you.”

Sue Thornton

“Had an incredible time management class today with Jodie Wallace! I learned many new things to use in my daily life and in my business life. I grew many smart points today and I feel great. Thanks Jodie! Anyone who is looking to find more time, go see this wonderful woman!”

– Brittany Witt