Ever feel like the Cowardly Lion is on his way to meet the Wizard?

Your palms start to sweat, you get butterflies in your stomach. You know there is something you need to get done but you just don’t know where to begin or, what’s more, you just aren’t sure you have the courage to begin at all. You’re feeling a little like the Cowardly Lion and wonder where your yellow brick road is to follow to meet your personal Wizard.

Courage is an internal strength — a sense of perseverance even when things feel scary. And it’s also important to note that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the willingness to move through it.

So how do you move through it? Simply put, the more experience you have at it, the more confident you will get at being courageous. It’s another one of those muscles that needs to be exercised regularly to help you embrace reality and protect you from thoughts that just aren’t factual. The real fact is that you CAN move through it if you choose by building internal resources with NLP such as confidence and self-esteem.

It also helps to reframe situations where you feel you need courage because it might inspire you to persevere over it. Remind yourself that courage works for you and not against you. Realize that the outcome is probably not even as scary as you are projecting and that will give you even more courage.

Another wonderful by-product of courage is inner peace. You will become more confident in who you are as an individual that you won’t get wrapped up in what other people think of you and this will also allow you to set boundaries where others are concerned.

Speaking your voice is a way your courage will be heard and you will be respected. It’s doesn’t take a personal Wizard to get you there as the magic is already inside you. It takes courage to go to unknown places and life is always giving you new opportunities to trust in that — to trust in you.