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December 31st is a time to acknowledge and celebrate last year’s accomplishments, learn from the challenges, leverage the successes and begin the process of visioning for 2013.

It is a time to refresh one-self, become excited about the upcoming year of continued transformation. It is the perfect time to set goals that excite and empower you. A new year means new discoveries, new directions and new decisions.

Setting and creating goals involves planning for a transformation of your current state and define a new state that you really want. Creating a solid direction with desired outcomes that create fulfillment in your life

Here is a list of fool proof strategies to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Avoid perfectionist thinking. Focus on the positive vs. the negative.
  2. Make realistic goals, not pie in the sky thinking
  3. Be specific, not general.
  4. Focus on the present
  5. View setbacks as lessons for growth
  6. Give goals meaning
  7. Take one step at a time
  8. Share your goals with others
  9. Have accountability partners
  10. Hire experts, example a coach
  11. Have faith
  12. Make a vision Board and anchor your goals using Neuro Linguistic Programming


To learn more on how to make your dreams come true, visit the information on the upcoming Vision Board Workshops conducted by Coach Jodie Wallace with 3 D Perspectives. www.jodiewallace.com Or give Jodie a call at 972-578-4746 for further information.