It’s time to let go and release. Forgive.

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Self-forgiveness is Self-Love (and That’s Nothing to Be Ashamed About), an NLP Coach can support you.

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

“I screwed up.”

“I never do anything right.”

“I might as well just give up.”

“I’m a failure.”

Do you have a constant tape playing in your mind with recordings such as these? These powerful and very harmful sentiments are ones that plague many of us as we yearn for forgiveness for past failures. We are searching for permission to begin again but our thoughts keep us on the ground and unable to start anew. We look to others to tell us that things will be okay, but the person we need to turn to is the one we most often overlook: yourself.

There’s no shame in making mistakes; we all make them. The key is to not dwell in them and to learn to forgive ourselves. This isn’t an easy task, and many are challenged by the feeling of guilt from their misgivings. Yet, we need to do what we can to move past this because part of emotional healing is creating compassion for ourselves.
You may have been taught that self-love is bad, conceited, even righteous. I challenge you to look at it from a different perspective and see that it’s a loving act that brings us closer to the divine. It also helps us accept others for where they are in life instead of judging them. You see, the more compassion we have for ourselves, the more we are able to create for others.

Despite what society tells us, there is no need to be perfect. It’s time to cut yourself a break. Accept yourself for who you are and for all you’ve done in your life. You can’t change your past, but you can plan your future. Acceptance allows people to feel comfortable in your presence and attracts them to you because you don’t possess a critical spirit and instead have let go of fear.

How do you begin to do this?

Pay attention to the pain, to the hurt. What are you saying about them? Go ahead and make mistakes. If you find yourself judging others, know that you are judging yourself. Step into someone else’s shoes and accept them for who they are and love yourself in the same way. You are perfect just as God created you. He loves you and you are to love yourself. Don’t hold a grudge against yourself as you’re the only one you’ve truly got in this life. It’s time to release.

If you need help breaking the barriers, call Jodie Wallace at (972) 898-6294, an experienced NLP Coach with over 15 years of experience, for a session and we’ll go through the process together. Go ahead and let go. Forgive