After the fireworks decorated the skies and the confetti sprinkled on the ground many of us lifted up goals and dreams for our life in the New Year. As we end the month of March, reflect back on the first few months of the year- how have your goals developed? What do you want to manifest in and through your life? This year? In 5 years? 20 years from now? Have you thought about the steps to follow in order to create these habits? There are a few reasons we may not have gotten closer to our goals on a consistent basis. Commitment equals consistency. Read on to see if any of these are currently happening in your life and let us move together towards consistent habit setting.

Feeling distracted?

If you are not caught up in distractions, then you are able to be both consistent and committed.

Tip: Take out a piece of paper and list your largest distractions take note as they occur in the next few days. Afterwards use your findings to create a new way to deal with distractions and to set new boundaries to avoid these in the future.

Are you Committed to Yourself?

If you don’t have specific habits to manifest in your life, your goals won’t get accomplished. For example, if you desire to slim down you may create a set of habits that encourage you to work out three times a week. Habits that can be created are organizing your workout clothes, filling your water bottle and having your gym bag packed the evening before. Though it’s not instant, habits become a lifestyle and they assist us in the creation of ‘procedures’ so that your goals start showing up.

Tip: What commitment procedures can you create today?

Your belief system is teeter-tottering. Our subconscious can play an immense role in how we feel, think and what we do or in this case, don’t. Negative self-talk and self-perceptions deep within our subconscious prohibit us from moving past certain blocks and into accomplishment. Release statements that tell you that you are/have not ‘enough’ of something because these become justifications as to why you cannot do or be something you want. Don’t beat yourself up, however be aware. We need to keep your beliefs in check and create procedures that will facilitate your goals into becoming your reality.

Tip: Identify and record times where negative self-talk and doubts spring up during your day. Write down positive affirmations that you can start repeating back to your subconscious in such future instances.

Studies have shown that it takes 66 days to create new behaviors. Commitment is the cornerstone to consistency, while your purpose is the foundation of it. Consistency creates new habits which create a desired lifestyle which support who you are and in bring your vision and goals into your reality. For more information on consistency and achieving your goals contact me, Coach Jodie Wallace, for a one-on-one consultation so we can clear out some of the distractions, commitment challenges and belief systems that have been blocking you from achieving your goals in the past.

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