Essential Oils and Your Path to Wellness

As a coach, it’s important for me to add new tools to my toolkit to serve my clients in the best ways possible and I take that very seriously. I care deeply about those that I coach and want the absolute best for them, their lives, and for the dreams that await them.

I use a mix of tools in my practice, some of which you are familiar with including vision boards and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), so I’m excited to share with you a new tool — essential oils — as I’ve been implementing them into my sessions with great success.

Essential oils have been used for years for cosmetic purposes, but they are also fantastic for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These powerful plant extracts are your path to lifelong wellness and that’s something that everyone can benefit from discovering.

How do you use them?

Used topically, internally, or diffused into the air, essential oils are an amazing way to introduce beauty and balance into your life. They have long been used in religious ceremonies to elevate the mind and unlock emotions. If you are feeling stuck, they are powerful in helping you discover your potential and supporting your mental energy. They also offer a wonderful night’s sleep.

Since discovering these oils and using them personally to aid in my wellness, I decided to extend the use to my clients to see how this powerful tool may help them on their own personal paths. Emotional wellness can never be underestimated, and stress relief is something everyone needs and craves.

While there are a number of essential oils on the market, I proudly use Young Living Essential Oils for myself for those I serve. After a good amount of research, I’m confident Young Living Oils offers the cream of the crop and does so in a very accessible fashion. Quality and ease? If only more things in life could be this simple!

With products called Release and Joy (and many, many more!), these oils offer positive emotional states and combat the mental and physical toll that stress brings to your everyday life. Interested in learning more? I’ll share with you just how this is a powerful tool that can be added to your wellness toolkit and help you with whatever your dreams may be.

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