Easing Into Transition

As we move into a new month (where has the year gone?!), many people, both young and old, are returning to or perhaps just beginning their academic journeys. It’s a time that may feel overwhelming, but is in fact a wonderful period of mental and spiritual growth. It’s a time of transition not only for those returning to school, but for many people as their lives begin to take new turns be that new jobs, new relationships, or new experiences.

Transition, while it is most likely a positive experience (versus crisis), can be stressful and it’s important to remember that God has a plan and the Holy Spirit is working hard to move us in the direction we are meant to go to live out our lives’ purpose. We may feel as if we are losing everything, but we aren’t losing anything. In fact, we are gaining new and valuable wisdom in the transition process.

Many times transition can feel as if we are at a stand still — achieving nothing and doing nothing, but really quite the opposite is in motion. We are being very productive and being meditative. We are letting go and letting God steer the ship and allowing for the different awareness of Him in our lives. We are absolutely not only allowed to, but we are also encouraged to, enjoy the process.

As we move through this time we will release what is no longer serving us well and feel a sense of peace. Our hearts will soften and our priorities will change. We will move toward having a very hopeful outlook on life and leave the ego behind.

It’s important to remember that transition is often gradual and now is the time to hold on to the things that serve you well. Keep exercising, keep eating well, keep seeing your coach as these are all things that nurture your soul during this phase. You don’t have to live in fear as transition is inevitable and it can be exciting. Just hold tight and have faith. More importantly, remember you don’t have to do it alone, contact me and we’ll ease into this new phase in your life together.