Top 6 Tips for Personal Independence

Do you feel like you can’t make a move without the approval of others? Feeling paralyzed by your own indecision? Are you a constant people pleaser? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, but it’s important to start investigating why the opinion of others is so vital to you and what’s at the root of you being unable to make your own choices. Maybe it’s time to get in touch with a Life Coach.

In my years of coaching, I’ve come across this time and time again and it always comes down to very crucial aspect of life: self-worth. People seem to reprint the limiting beliefs in their lives, and this causes them to rely on others to move forward.

The good news is that you don’t need to continue to live by those limitations any longer. You can let go of your attachment to someone or to a belief by doing the following:

  1. Trust your instincts. No one knows you the way you know yourself. It’s important to start trusting that you can make the best decisions for your life.
  2. Do the best thing you can in this moment to become more independent. Take action no matter how small it may seem. This can be as simple as saying the word “no.”
  3. Look into the future. What do you think life will be like in a year? Create what you want to see and take action to turn that into a reality.
  4. Sever toxic relationships. Don’t hold on to people or things that take away your personal power. Say goodbye to them and start anew.
  5. Create excitement. Do something out of the ordinary. It doesn’t have to be outrageous, just something you don’t typically do. Take a new route to work, buy yourself some new clothes that really represent who you are, try a new and adventurous food.
  6. Create the new belief that you can provide yourself with what you need. Again, you are the expert on you, and no one knows how to create the life you want better than the person in the mirror.

I realize this might sound like a tall order, but please remember this all begins with small steps. It’s okay if you are scared because this is moving into the unknown and the unknown can be a frightening place. Just don’t live in that fear because that’s what will keep you from making true change. Know that the new choices you are making are safe and that safety will bring about lasting change.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to being a people pleaser and start living life on your terms? If you get stuck, don’t look back; just give me a call and I’ll be by your side as you move forward into a new way of being. As the country celebrates its independence, may you celebrate yours as well.

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