What’s Your Vision?

Each new year brings the promise of new dreams and a new outlook on life. Have you begun your planning for the what’s ahead? Even if you have, I invite you to attend one of my vision boards workshops where you can pull those aspirations out of your endless stream of thoughts and onto the page where they become concrete and doable.
I have been doing these workshops for years and they have changed lives. The people who dive into the task of working with me know that they aren’t just putting pictures on a board, but they are declaring their visions and working toward their soul’s purpose.

Here’s what one participant had to say:

“Before the vision board seminar, I was stuck in life and really could not figure out where I wanted to go and how to get there. During the Vision Board seminar with Jodie Wallace, I was able to get very specific on my goals and visions for this year. After the Vision Board seminar, amazing things started showing up in my life. I started moving toward my goals without even realizing all the amazing changes I was making in my life. The visions and images I added to my vision board including professional, relationship and financial goals appeared by October of this year only 8 months after the seminar. This is far sooner than I could have imagined.”
What’s this all about? The vision board process is about getting clear on who you are authentically. If you are clear on your gifts, you’ll have a different perspective on what’s important and won’t be disappointed with what transpires in your life.

If you are ready to really make a change and get movement in your goals and life, this workshop is for you. You are giving so many gifts to others this time of year, how about one life-changing one for yourself?