Life in Limbo or Life on Your Terms?

When I Googled the definition of limbo, this is what I uncovered: “An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.” This is pretty spot on as to where I’m finding many of my clients telling me they are at this time. There’s an uncertainty in the air — they feel lost in limbo through jobs, life transitions, in relationships. The question on everyone’s mind is: “How do I manage this time in my life? What should I be doing to get through it all?”

Living a life in limbo can spark both excitement and fear. There’s excitement in not knowing what could be right around the corner in our lives…and fear for the exact same reason. I see this in a positive light. It’s an opportunity for growth and exploration. You can ask yourself with confidence: “What’s next for me?”

Navigating this time period may feel a little tricky, but I’m here today with some tips to get you through it with your sanity intact. Let’s begin.

First, you want to stay grounded in reality. This is very important. Remember all the gifts you have in life right now. You have your home, your car, food on the table. Take stock of these blessings and leverage them. Reminding yourself that you have these gifts can get you through the rough patches when things feel uncertain and unclear.

Next, if you feel like you are living in a state of fear, try to get clear on what is triggering that concern. Once you uncover the obstacle, you can do something about it. Do this by increasing your knowledge. Ask yourself what you can learn next and how that will help you on your journey. Should you go back to school? Seek out new job opportunities? How can you access your current resources? Start asking these questions and see where the road takes you.

A powerful step you can take immediately is creating some structure for yourself. Develop a daily routine so you feel in control of your days. Don’t be impulsive when anxiety strikes as you don’t want to do something you might possibly regret at a later date. Lean into the stability of a routine.

Next, stay connected (or reconnect) with support systems like church, friends, and family. These connections can carry you through the hard times and you’ll be able to return the favor for someone who might need you in the future.

Most importantly, don’t fear the feelings you have. ALLOW yourself to FEEL. Choose the most positive thoughts possible. There is no room for self-blame, only growth.

I have a passion in supporting people who are experiencing a sense of limbo to be clear on their direction in life and business.

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