Where is Your Road Leading You?

I had a few different topics that I wanted to discuss with you today, but I keep getting drawn to the idea of transition. Perhaps it’s the school buses taking the little ones off to daily lessons, maybe it’s the promise of autumn that is just around the corner, or it could be that my favorite coffee shop is already serving pumpkin kissed goodies. Whatever it may be, there is a definite transition in the works.

What I really want to ask you is something that has genuinely been on my mind. I want to know this: on your deathbed, or maybe even just at the end of the day, what do you want to be able to say about your life?

I ask this because it’s coming up a lot right now with clients of mine. Many are stumbling and grasping to get really clear on priorities. They are searching for their soul’s purpose. Is the same happening to you? If so, right now might be the perfect time to take inventory of your life.

Here are some things to ask yourself right now:

  1. Is it time to forgive myself for past mistakes I keep revisiting both in mind and routine?
  2. Is it time to forgive others for the same thing?
  3. How do I step into my fear?
  4. Should I say no?
  5. Do I have an internal wound that needs tending?
  6. What am I procrastinating on?
  7. How can I persevere?
  8. What is God calling me to do?

I realize these are deceptively simple questions with answers that may take more than a quick read to discover. The reason I ask is that I truly want you to have joy and peace in your soul and that begins with you right now, today.

I have people tell me all the time that they are ready to live a purpose driven life, then they tell me they can’t afford to change or don’t know where to begin. Let me tell you, you can’t afford to NOT change and investing in yourself, your future, is such a gift to give yourself. Where is your road leading you? Not sure if you want to go it alone? Contact me and we’ll take the journey together.

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