Happiness. What does it look like? For you, it might be a hot cup of java or a hug from your spouse. For your neighbor, though, happiness might have a totally different appearance and show up in the form of an iced tea and a walk with the family dog. So who is right? The wonderful thing about happiness is that there is no right or wrong, as it’s simply a state of being.

You get to create our own version of happiness. You have that choice. You’ll find that the more open you are to happiness, the more it will flow in your life. Happiness is a muscle that when flexed becomes stronger with each motion.

Happiness is being present in the moment and living on purpose.

Don’t spend too much time looking back on things you can’t change or worrying about things that have yet to happen. Simply breathe in the magic of the present moment — happiness is yours in it for the taking.

What are the things that stop you from being happy? Many times it’s fear, anger, and pain that keeps one from truly being happy. Happiness is a belief and, much like a single grain of sand that turns into a pearl, it only takes one single belief to create a life that is overflowing with joy. There is always good to be found in every situation. Always. You can choose to wallow in judgement or flow with happiness. What will you choose?

With happiness comes flexibility, confidence, creativity, and comfort. It’s a state of bliss. Are you ready to live in a state of bliss? Or do you find that you are stuck in a belief that is stopping you from finding true happiness? Contact me and together we will uncover what is standing in your way and remove those obstacles.  Because Happiness — it’s exactly what you want it to be.