Do you walk through your days with a longing in your heart? Does that same longing keep you up at night? Do you have a yearning, an excitement, that runs deep? That longing, that tugging at your heart, isn’t some strange, undefinable mystery. No, it’s a fire that roars wildly within you always — it’s desire.

We all have desire, and the truth is once God sparks a desire inside us, it doesn’t go away. It’s an eternal flame that keeps burning until we recognize it’s importance and realize we have a choice. We can either follow our desires or ignore them.

So why is it so important to tap into your desires anyway? You have an open opportunity in this life to create an existence that is exactly what you want. You have the chance to live in joy and authenticity. You have a chance to live a life that you will look back on and won’t say “I wish I did (insert desire here) and I regret that I didn’t.”

How do you ignite your desire? Honestly, it’s been in you since you were a child and hasn’t left you. Now you just have to reach down deep and find it. Listen to God as he’s guiding you. And when you do find it, change will take hold. Your wings of desire will take flight and miracles will occur. As long as you decide to fulfill your desires with a pure heart, in God and with God, the flame will ignite and your life will forever be changed.

There is no right or wrong way to connect with your desires as it’s a constant process of trial and error that will always be worked on. Because of this, it’s necessary to have faith that God is leading you and gives you these feelings, these desires, as a way to spur on your life’s purpose.

Pay attention and relish your desires for they are from God. He sends his many blessings through desire as a true unwavering gift to of love to you. So go ahead and ask yourself this now: “What sparks my desire?” Listen and take flight.