Transitions in life

The long hot days of summer are now behind us. Leaves fall to the ground like colored jewels with a promise of a time to come.

We live in an age of transition. Each one of us throughout our lives goes through a period of transition. Often time it is a feeling of discomfort, a sense of uncertainty and even anxiety. We are often times in internal conflict. Part of us wants to go through the change and another part of us want to stay the same and quickly figure out how to end the conflict as quickly as possible.

Transition can also be a time of excitement, rebirth and renewal. Transitioning has many colors just like the leaves that have fallen in autumn.  The colors are vibrant from shades of deep red, yellow, orange to dull colors and crumble easily to the touch. Our emotions during transition are the same.

If we hurry through the transition we may not give ourselves the quality time we need to let go what we do not need or grab onto something that is not good for us. Instead taking the appropriate time to reflect.

Transition is the natural part of life with it complexities, beautiful patterns that are so important to our evolution.
Here are 10 steps to help you through the transition.

Step 1.  Accept change and embrace it. On some level we change daily.

Step 2. Have a vision on where you want to go. In other words look at the bigger picture.

Step 3.  Gather your resources, external and internal.

Step 4. Take 1 step at a time

Step 5.  Journal your thoughts and feelings.

Step 6. Meditate or pray daily.

Step 7. Take great care yourself. Eat well, exercise, get a massage, do what you need to take care of you.

Step 8. Remember not too be hard on yourself, it is a journey.

Step 9. Look for growth, joy and fulfillment in the process of transition.

Step 10.  Finally celebrate. We often do not celebrate which takes away from the process. So enjoy and be glad.

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