Speaking of … Hiring a Coach

If you have had the opportunity to go to the movie theater, in the last few years, you will have noticed that more and more movies are being filmed and viewed in “3-D.” In fact, almost thirty 3-D movies have been released in 2011. The price of the ticket includes a pair of nifty black glasses resembling Ray-Ban’s, that you must wear in order to get the full effect of the 3-D experience. Once you have them on you will notice that taking them off during the movie is an interesting phenomenon. Sometimes, the film looks normal and real without the glasses yet, other times there is a red and green halo surrounding the image that makes it uncomfortable to view and difficult to interpret. Next time you have the opportunity I urge you go to a 3-D movie and watch the audience as well as the movie. You will notice people lifting their glasses up and down, comparing the images “with glasses/without glasses,” back and forth, to see if the glasses really do make a difference.
Going through life without a coach is very much like watching a 3-D movie without the glasses. Sometimes it’s clear and it makes perfect sense. Other times, like the movies, life is out-of-focus and fuzzy and you just can’t seem to follow the story line! That’s exactly when you need to consider hiring me as your personal business and life coach. I can help you to see with a clearer, 3-dimensional “vision.” You can certainly go through life without coaching and you will survive – you might even thrive. But, like the 3-D glasses, working with me as your life and business coach will allow you to see greater dimension in your life. Like learning how to live in the present instead of wallowing in the past. Or, show you how to gain more focus in your life and set bigger goals to help you achieve what you really want. I can even help you free yourself of habits that are getting in the way of your success.

When I work with you as your personal life and business coach, the results can give you a unique perspective on your life, helping you to gain personal and professional empowerment in every facet of your life. You will be able to learn to explore, discover, transform, and inspire your authentic self while designing your life around your values and your true purpose.

As a life and business coach, and master Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) practitioner, I can help you to see and envision your life more clearly to help you open doors to more opportunity and more abundance. If you are ready to take a new look at your life call me at 972-578-4745 or, click here for a complementary coaching session. I think you’re going to like what you see!

Coach Jodie