The year is in full swing, and goals rigorously are being sought after. Vision boards are being utilized and turned to as reminders of what is in store for the year and what our hearts so deeply desire. Now is the perfect time to not only harness that energy, but to anchor it with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).
Anchors use your senses to immediately take you back to a previous time in your life. A smell, a taste, a sound. Any of these can instantly put you back into a different era of your life. By using NLP, one can create anchors that allow them to be resourceful in difficult moments.

You first need to choose something to use as your anchor. Your vision board can be your anchor with my help. We can transform it into a “trigger” that causes the vision board to operate in the “as if” frame (e.g., I’m doing this as if it already happened).

Anchoring is a very powerful technique that brings about courage, positive self-esteem, confidence, focus, drive, being masterful, and more. I’ve had so much success with clients after the anchoring process, I receive calls and e-mails stating things like “Jodie, you aren’t going to believe what happened!” Yet, honestly, nothing really surprises me about the power of this amazing exercise.

Do you have a vision board you need assistance in grounding? How about help in anchoring some goals? Do you want access to calm and peace more often? Are you simply procrastinating? Now is the time to contact me and get your personal and professional goals achieved once and for all. Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call at 972-898-6294.

The Power of Self Love

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Make This Your Year - Get Grounded