The magic of exploring who “you” really are

The magic of exploring who “you” really are.

At one time or another we all ask ourselves, “why am I here?” For what purpose do we live? Do we exist to be a mother, a father, a brother, a salesman, a lump on the couch? Are these just characteristics of our being or labels we carry that describe our purpose in life?

We all must follow the advice of Socrates and discover the ways to “know thyself” in order to clearly understand our purpose in life. But how do you get to “know thyself?” when there are bills to pay, emails to answer, and meals to prepare?

The purpose of true self-discovery is about the journey of exploration. The deep and purposeful “digging” of the real “who” of your true, authentic self. It’s the actual journey of discovery that will uncover your strengths, gifts, talents, values, and passions. And don’t believe for one minute that you don’t possess any gifts, talents, values, et al. We all have unique and wonderful qualities that make us who we are. Just as each of us have a unique and individual fingerprint – unlike anyone else in the universe – we each have special, unique qualities that nobody else can claim. Yes, you may be a musician and yes, there may be thousands of musicians around the world, but nobody hears the same “drumbeat” in their head that you do!

One must get past the insecurity of thinking someone else “out there” possesses bigger, better, gifts. Mother Teresa is one of the most inspirational human beings to have walked this earth and I doubt that anyone would say that she didn’t have a purpose. She was driven by a defined purpose and had a true understanding of whom she was. She is quoted to have said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” These are not words of insecurity but of humility. She knew that “as eternity is reckoned, there is a lifetime in a second.” And yet each second, each lifetime counts.

We all must be open to the discovery – and the acceptance – of our uniqueness and what makes us “tick”. We all must be willing to look inside, explore our mind, and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. We must be willing to define and grab on to all that is “me” and continue the exploration even when it is uncomfortable, surprising, thrilling or disappointing.

Are you ready to discover? Try this for the next week. (Instructions on self-discovery for the next week or two). Notice where your thoughts go and how your feelings correlate to the emotions (blah, blah, blah). Next month we will explore how to move in the direction your discovery has revealed. Until then, I wish you many blessings.

Coach Jodie