A Beautiful You, Inside and Out

Many of us do small things to take care of ourselves. We brush our teeth twice a day. We take our vitamins with a large glass of H20. We lace up our runners and head to the gym a couple times a week all in the name of health. These are fantastic habits to possess, but our physical health isn’t the only thing we should be focusing on.

Tell me, what have you done for your mental health lately?
Our mental health is every bit as important as our physical health and, in some ways, perhaps even more important to maintain, but it’s not always so clear as to how to do so. This month we celebrate emotional awareness and even have a day set aside for positive awareness. Society is realizing how important emotional health is and we are focusing on it today.

What exactly is emotional awareness?
First and foremost, it is having self-awareness based on your feelings, internal states, and resources you have internally. The more we can adapt to circumstances, the healthier we become overall.

One of the first steps to great mental health is recognizing our triggers. Why do we have negative responses to certain things? It could be for a number of reasons including wanting to be in control, being defensive, passive-aggressive and grandiose, and living in our excuses. That’s how we project, and a lot of people don’t realize that is how they are even behaving.

There is, though, a better way to respond. We can use positive affirmations, create choices around our thoughts, let go of our hurts and grudges, and most importantly, forgive. There is power in forgiveness.
It’s important to remember that we really only have this moment and living in the now is how to achieve emotional stability. There are many different ways to retrain ourselves to stop living in the past or imagining our far-off futures and it begins with adding to our internal resources. We need to re-imprint our beliefs, change our map of reality, and use a number of tools that I have at my disposal such as coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I’ve discussed coaching and NLP many times with you and I’m excited to unveil my newest tool to you. NLP is a state of deep relaxation and imagination. It’s developing rapport with yourself. It is often misunderstood and confused to be a state of sleep, being controlled, and for those with weak minds. It is quite the opposite! You are always in control and can reap the benefits of this technique whenever you choose.

How can NLP help you? It can improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, help you relax more, improve your memory and concentration, and add more enthusiasm in your life just for starters. It’s a shift in the way you think. I’ve helped people with weight issues because they’ve been holding emotional weight. Once they let go of the weight of their emotions, they shed their physical weight. I’ve seen it time and time again.

So do something today to improve your emotional wellness. Big or small, make one positive change. You won’t regret it. Need some help? Give me a call at (972) 898-6294 and we will get you on the way to a healthier you, inside and out.