The Richness Of Summer

The Beatles had it right all along!

We are entering a time of the year that is rich with relaxation and reflection. Summer can be full of life and fun — if we just let it be.

If we just let it be, Jodie? Yes, if we just let it be.

How many times has this happened to you? You’re at work or home and daydreaming of a vacation or a trip that’s been planned for months. You can’t wait for it to arrive and can almost taste the margaritas now. Then the time finally arrives and it becomes one of rush, rush, rush. You go through the motions and do all the things you planned to do and snap lots of photos (which is good because you’ll need something to remember this time), but you aren’t fully present and in the moment. Before you know it, you’re back to work and wondering where your vacation even went.

So let’s take some time to truly slow down and enjoy the warmth that this time of the year brings into our lives. Let go of all the inner chatter and truly show up to the moment and ask yourself how you can be more present to joy. Don’t just assume you’ll be back here again and instead really dig your toes into the sand and unwind. Even if you do happen to make it back, it will be different. You only have this one and only shot at this time and space.

Perhaps it’s time to unplug if even for an hour. Say goodbye to your devices for an afternoon and connect back with those you love or with activities you cherish. If it brings you joy, say yes and experience what makes your soul sing.

Summer is a rich time to slow down and be present. Are you enjoying where you are? And if the answer is no, contact me and we’ll discuss how we can get you to a resounding yes. You deserve this time to relax, reflect, and to just let it be.