Understanding The Importance Of Values

Trust. Respect. Service. Wisdom. These are more than simply buzz words you’d see on a roadside billboard.

Achieve excellence. Have faith. Live with integrity. These are more than just tag lines you’d read on a free t-shirt.

These are much more than simply words: these are values.

So what does that really mean? Most people will agree they have values, but a surprising number of them wouldn’t be able to tell you what those values are exactly. It’s paramount to understand your values as they are the very foundation of who you are as an individual — as a human being.

Understanding your values doesn’t just provide a clear road map for how to lead your life, but being aware of them also leads to greater fulfillment in every day activities. Think about it for a moment. Can you really succeed at something you aren’t fully aware of?

Knowing values = fulfillment in life.

A common complaint often had by many is feeling unbalanced. Chances are if you are feeling this way one of you values is being compromised or being ignored all together. This is another reason why being aware of your values is so important. When you are aware, you can truly create change in your life and grow into your full potential.

Knowing values = balance, change, and growth.

Also, your values allow you to establish clear boundaries with peers, close friends, relatives, and everyone else you come into contact with on any given day. If someone oversteps a boundary or disrespects a value, you are able to take a step back and say “Wait a minute, this is important to me and this is what I need from you.”

Knowing values = acceptance of boundaries.

Are you ready to become more aware and find greater fulfillment in your life? Contact me about my values assessment and we’ll work on your personal foundation and strengthen it together.

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