Finding your Motivation

I see it at various times throughout the year, but right now it’s hitting people harder than usual. Do you find that as we move closer to the end of the year, the goals that once had such luster are now lacking?

You might be asking “What’s my motivation, Jodie?” while throwing your hands up in the air. And the truth of it is, I completely understand. The lack of motivation bug is making the rounds and it’s no surprise that it’s made it’s way to your doorstep. Even the most self-driven people I know are having a hard time shifting into drive right now.

I tell you this to inspire you, not to discourage you. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is bound to lose sight of their dreams and goals at one time or another and that’s okay. What’s not okay is just throwing those hands up and declaring nothing can be done about it.

You have power of choice and those choices mold your future. You may feel like now is the time to let go when, instead, it’s time to recreate and pump up your motivation.

Start by having faith — having faith in yourself and your higher power. Trust in yourself to accomplish your goals and trust that God will provide what you need at every moment of your life.

Next, tweak or modify your plans. Something has stopped you from moving forward. What is it? What can you change to take steps forward today?

Find a support system. This is imperative. Having like-minded, positive people around you will keep you motivated and on track. Remember that you never have to go through anything alone. This will provide you with a key component of accountability. Accountability helps us to anchor and then to move forward.

All of these tools are within your reach. Remember that without them or proper discernment, what you are reaching for is just a wish. I understand and know that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected and I am committed in making sure it is connected to your soul’s purpose with God. Are you ready to make your desires, wishes, and dreams come true? Give me a call at 972-578-4746 today